How To Maintain Your Garden

Maintaining a garden is not a simple task. It requires dedication, time, and money in keeping a yard well-maintained.

Thankfully, there are many skillful gardening services Maroubra like Amico which offers professional maintenance to make it easier for you. However, if you want to DIY or you simply want to know how things work, here are a few pointers in maintaining your garden.

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  • Water The Right Way

It may sound weird, but there is such a thing as watering your plants correctly. Not only is proper watering beneficial to your plants, but it can also save you some money. Skip the usual sprinkler systems and opt for drip irrigation or a soaker hose instead. Sprinkler systems often waste up to 60% more water compared to an irrigation or soaker alternative. It also gets the leaves of the plant wet which can cause disease problems.

When it comes to how much water you should use, take these pointers. If the soil around the plant stem is soaked, it means there is too much water. Another clue is when you see mold or moss growing on your soil. When plants start to wilt, yellow, or has dead leaf margins, it also means you need to cut back on watering.

If you’re still having difficulty in this situation, consider consulting with a professional or get yourself a moisture meter.

  • Get To Know Your Soil

There are many different kinds of soil out there, each with a specific purpose and requires various maintenance. Clay soils absorb water slowly, so you need to till or spade to loosen it up. It’s also best to add organic materials to it such as compost or peat moss.

Sandy soil does not hold moisture very well, so you need to water it slowly and add a certain organic material to supplement it. Loam soil, which is the best type of soil, is a combination of sand, silt, and clay. This type absorbs water very well and can store moisture for the benefit of the plants.

  • Don’t Forget The Mulch

Mulch consists of any organic material including leaves, sawdust, paper, or grass clippings. These mulch help store moisture, regulate soil temperature and prevent the soil from eroding. It also reduces the diseases and weed growth on your plants.

But don’t just throw in mulch to your soil. It’s best to apply mulch in the springtime to avoid delaying the soil’s warming.

  • Watch Out For Weeds

Weeds are typical problems for gardeners. They harbor insects and diseases that can greatly affect your plants and your entire garden. Rotting or dead vegetation also can be a haven for pests. If you want a healthy garden, make sure to weed regularly and pull out any dead leaves and stalks.

  • Clean Your Gardening Tools

Clean tools are equivalent to a healthy garden. Practice a routine clean-up and disinfect your tools at least every after use. Aside from tools, keep other rusty and dirty objects away from your garden as the bacteria can also affect your plants.

Not everyone can afford the time to tend their own garden.

Final Words

Gardening and maintaining certainly is not a walk in the park, but it is very fulfilling. Follow these steps and practice them regularly to avoid bigger problems in your garden.

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